Purpose of Life

Many many philosophers have tried to answer this question in their own way. Last week after having heard a self proclaimed Guru on TV, I realized It’s about time I throw my two cents in.

I think the purpose of life is to reproduce. (Did I hear you say what a pervert )

That’s the whole God’s plan. He ( execuse me for being male chauvernist here) wants you to find a good partner, make out and then die. Now, I know I am going to have to rephrase it so that people don’t feel offended with the fact that the meaning of life is reduced to such a basic instinct.

” Our purpose in life is to take our race forward, to preserve our best genes and pass them on to the next generations. We keep reproducing better better offsprings and hence keep evolving”. Wonder what a little rephrasing can do. From a filthy bugger our role has just been upgraded to a noble one.

But seriously, if you are obsessed with it ( you know what I mean by it), don’t feel bad. It’s only that you are take the job God gave you too seriously. next time tell the girls to be co-operative in putting the God’s plan into action. Perverts are just workaholics.

For me, I believe in overtime too. 

Humorosophy : Numerology

Last month I got to know that there is something striking about me to some people , I am not talking of my lean physique but my Numero Uno Status. Yes, I am a number 1 in numerology ( According to Gregorian Calender). Very flattering. Numerology is very intriguing with all the calculations involved, but I can hardly call it a science. I think it was invented as a hoax, later on when it went out of hands they freaked out and never told anyone it was a hoax.

To start with there is no God’s Calender to follows. Today’s Gregorian Calender was adopted in the 15th or 16th Century, before that the church used Julian calender. There were others too the roman one being a notable one. Notable because the names of the months came from Roman – It had 10 months. December was derived from DECA- The 10th.

Let’s try to calcule the life path number of Pappu ( who can’t dance) who is born today. Where the life takes the poor bugger depends on the day he decided to pop out of the cozy Amniotic Sac. A Pervert or a saint ; a Vessel or a lord ; straight or Bi ; All this is written in numbers- Right ?

Here is an interpretation on the 3 major calenders that we could use . Feel free to bring your own Hindu, Islamic, Inca or Mayan calender if you feel like.

I head that numerology is an old science- must be older than 15the Century. It’s not that far back in time. Vasco De Gama brought his fata payjama to India in 15th Century. Guru Nanak Dev was also born in 15th Centry. So it’s only fair to consider the ancient calenders for Numerology.


6th Dec 2010 (06 /12/2010)

Number 3 :  Entertainer, Poet, Writer, Painter


23rd Nov 2010 ( 23/11/2010)

Number : 1 Power, Leadership


16 Frimaire An 219 (16 /03 /219)

Number : 4  self-sacrificing, martyrs

I have no doubt that Number 1 is number of a leader, my dilemma is the choice of calender. I can be number 1 in one calender and number 9 in another. Which calender does God follow ?  Any suggestions ?