Email Expiry for Thunderbird

Won’t it be good to have an expiry date button/ Category associated with each email that you send/receive. Before archiving, you could categorize an email as “Archive for ever” or short expiry “Expires in 7 Days”.

Imagine how many less emails will you have to browse through, with such a system. Off course the system will not delete any of your emails automatically , but present  you with a list of expired emails which you can delete yourself, or hide/inactivate.

An average office user receives about 55-60 emails a day.  counting replies, we are talking of more than 100 email communications a day. Typically not more than 15% of these emails have any data that will be used in future again.

It will be good to have all your non important emails that have no historical relevant data be purged or be hidden automatically.

Anyone working on such a plugin for Thunderbird yet ?

Fraud Calls

It has happened to me 5th time this year.  however this time I ended up complaining to Etisalat.

” Sir, you speaking English ?”

“Yes, go ahead”

“I giving to Mr Ahmed, my supervisor. Hold aan “

The voice always seems to resemble to a  particular nationality.  I can’t definitely say, but I know it will definitely hurt many sentiments, so I prefer not to talk on the nationality of these scam artists.

I decided to go on with the prank and wait for Mr Supervisor to come online.

” Sir, I am Mr Ahmed, Supervisaar -Etisalat. “

” Ok, what is it Ahmed”.

” You newly coming Dubai now. You win from Etisalat 2 Lakh Dirhams. You must very happy no ? I aaalso very happy for you.”

I always disconnect the phone call at this juncture, though it’s very tempting to say –

“You can keep aaaall the money. A tip no. “

I have the last 2 number saved in my phone, if you have any more, please leave them in comments. Hopefully it should keep some innocent migrant from getting duped.

Number 1 : 050 8876023
Number 2 : 050 4754652

Joomla Offline Client ?

I don’t know if this is simply dumb to ask for it, but I think it’s a great idea to have an offline client for Joomla. I don’t know if anyone else also has felt it cumbersome to go online, login to Joomla admin and then start writing a long article that would take 2-3 sittings and you will keep saving draft copies.

I am a huge fan of Joomla otherwise, but I hate using the web-interface as much as I hate using webmail. The same advantage that the email clients give us, can be offered by Joomla offline client.

I know it won’t be able to give you a real time website layout update, but at least you can have access to all your articles and keep changing them.

An alternative that I often use is to use the Localhost Joomla installation with Online Live Sql settings but it sometimes breaks.

Do we have anyone working on such a project anywhere ? or a similar product yet ?

Humor : Mind Conditioning

I wonder if anyone has ever thought of fooling the mind into a desired emotional state by using the senses of sight, sound and smell. Won’t it be wonderful if you could evoke an emotion just by sniffing a scent that you have fooled your brain into associating with happiness ( much like AXE effect, but for real).

All of us learnt about the pavlov’s experiment in which the lab dogs learnt to associate the sound of a bell with food and they would start to drool at the sound of the bell.

As successful association will make the use of anti-depressants obsolete. The kids from the childhood can be trained to associate a Color, smell and sound with an emotion. Scolding associated with Red, Burning Rubber, sound of slap. Happiness associated with Blue , Lemon smell, Beatles. Soon the young brain will associate these with an emotion.

Next time this old wood feels depressed, just flash the color of his happiness in front of him and see his grim face turn into a happy teethless smile. Why, we could even cure Erectile Dysfunction with this, if love making can be associated with a color.

If that happens, the statement in the court will be ” I was provoked, she was singing Chanchal’s Bhajan. You know my wife had me associate this Bhajan with love making and I couldn’t help…”.

Now if you have come this far reading, I am sure you have started to associate it with being funny. So next time you hear my name, I won’t be offended if you start to giggle….

Parking Perils & Meter Menace

I am sure it has happened to all of us.  You spot that excellent parking space, gleefully park your vehicle and get down looking for change to feed the parking meter. Off course there are others who would rather pay 30 fils extra and pay through SMS.

Then the menace starts. The parking meter woefully robs you of your cheers by returning your coins. No matter how many times you try, the coin just doesn’t seem good enough to the meter.

Yesterday I spent 10 minutes trying to feed the same 2 coins to the meter.  ( Yes, I had all the time in the world, think of it as man against machine)

Finally, the solution : If your coins don’t work put them back to back quickly. One will be returned but the one that follows is accepted. I guess  when you do it quickly the combined weight of the coins works for you.

Problem Solved.  Bless me next time you park your car if it works for you. Better yet, leave a comment 🙂