10 phrases you often get to hear in Dubai.

10 phrases you often get to hear in Dubai.

1. Could I get your good name ?
Probably a translation of hindi “Shubh Naam”. I have heard it so many times now that asking someones name without this epithet sounds almost rude.

2. She is not at her seat .
Instead of Desk, everyone uses seat.

3. Taal, Taal Habib
Now this is very catchy. In Hindi “Jaldi Jaldi” or English “Hurry Up” just doesn’t have it.

4. Same same yaani
Also same same but different.

5. What you will do ? or What you are saying ?

6. Parcel Kar do.
Instead of “take out”, you ask for a Parcel.

7. You only said it, or I only did it.

Now, I know I said *10* but could only come up with 7. Why don’t you help me and fill the other 3 in comments.

Annonymous Browsing with VPNtraffic

Last week I needed a proxy server to check the installation of my Livezilla client. Essentially I needed a bunch of different IP addresses to see how the Geotracking would work.

After going through several so called free Proxy servers, I stumbled upon vpntraffic . For US$ 1.99 these guys would let me try their service for 3 days. Not Bad, All I wanted was the access for 3-4 days.

Surprisingly enough, the service is very fast, not something I would expect for US$ 5 per month. I could access Hulu.com and watch all the high resolution videos without any loss in bandwidth.

Skype Video calls also worked wonders, almost as if I was connected directly to Skype server and not through VPN. When I visited my website and tried to Geotrack my ip address through livezilla, I did see the information I wanted to see.

Since I had 3 days, I decided to take it a little further by trying to configure my Iphone. They have a guide online on how to do this. Within no time, my Iphone was connected and I could browse anonymously.

It’s a great product at a great price.
Pros :

  • It’s only US$ 5 per month. Imagine all the videos  you can watch on Hulu. com with this.
  • Service is very fast. Once you are connected, you won’t know you are on a VPN
  • Unline proxy services, it’s very reliable
  • works on Iphone, android, ipads …..

Cons :

  • Even if the service is very affordable, you need to pay 🙂
  • VPN setup may be a little difficult for a few non-technical users.

Overall, I would suggest vpntraffic to anyone who is looking for a reliable and fast VPN service at an affordable price.

ios5 sucks too !

Afer spending 4 hours of Friday morning on this, my Iphone 4 has now ios5 ! But it’s hardly any different apart from icloud !

No camera access from lock screen ( as they promised) & no quick wifi toggle ( it 4-5 clicks to toggle wifi or bluetooth).  So I guess, I still need SBS, off to jailbreaking.  How can so many people like this thing !

From Blackberry to Iphone

Yesterday I switched from Blackberry to Iphone. It’s been only 2 days, but I have started to miss the email functionality of BB already. Off course I love iphone too, but BB is far ahead in emails compared to Iphone. In every other aspect however Iphone is better.

What I miss In Iphone.

Delete Prior
In Blackberry I had the option of selecting a date a click on ” delete message prior to this date “. Iphone doesn’t have this option and it’s a pain to delete 100 emails at once for example.

Individual Mailboxes
In Iphone, all your emails are at one place. it takes lots of extra clicks to get to a particular email account. Also there is no way to tell which account got the new unread email.  I love the way Blackberry gives you separate mailbox icons and the red asterix, indicating a new email.

Blinking flashlight
Blackberries have an LED that flashes red if you have new messages or missed calls. No such thing with Iphone.

No BBM !
The feature I miss most is the BBM. There are other cross platform apps, but you must get your friends to install them.

Push Mail Service
Yahoo and Gmail support Push, but your hosting may not support it. For exmple, bluehost doesn’t support push mail. So my official  email is set to fetch new email every 15 minutes. Nothing like instant arrival you have in Blackberry ( Unless your mail server pushes email to Iphone)

Apart from that I miss the keyboard and phone keys too, but I was ready for those.

Now to the good part. here are the things I love in my Iphone, that Blackberry didn’t have.

1. Emails look the way they are supposed to look.
Email formatting is so good, it’s same as reading off your desktop.

2. Large high res Screen
The screen is really large and resolution is good.

3. Browser works. Fast !
Unlike Blackberry the browser is fast and page formatting is good.

4. So Many Apps to choose from

5. A great camera and HD recording.

It’s doesn’t surprise me that Blacberry has such a strong fan following. BBs have perfected the email functions. For everything else, you have the Iphone.

Resolution : “Update Failed” on Du Blackberry

I had this problem yesterday on my Du blackberry. ( Du is a telecom provider in Dubai, UAE- one of the only 2 providers)

Every time I tried to add a new email account it would give me an error “update failed “.

Tried many times with different tricks including reregistering routing table , hard resetting and various other options.

Finally a Call to Du saved the day.


1. For some , it may work if you login to your email account from a PC, and add the same email account to your BB while you are still logged in.

2. If it still doesn’t work, they ask you to login to your account at du.blacberry.com and add your accounts using the portal. If you don’t have an account, they create one for you instantly.

I suggest not to try anything else like many forums suggest, a simple call to your service provider will most of the time do the trick.