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3D Printing : The same revolutionary story

3D printers are claiming to be able to radically change product prototyping, modeling and on demand sculpting, and there are models in the range of US$ 600 hitting the street, making them accessible to end users All this is new, but one trend I can predict , being from printer industry is that the Vendor …

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Cartoon : A New Holdup Strategy

Air travel is becoming commonplace, but what’s even more commonplace is use of mobile phones, dumb phone and smarphones – Not in the air, but in general. I wonder what’s keeping the airlines in letting us use our phones inflight. and I don’t beleive its becuase of the phones signal jamming their navigation system or …

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Evolution of Tablets

Don’t people just love their tablets . Last month there was story about a father who left his car running to get some groceries, leaving his son in the car. forunately he carried something far more valuable with him to the grocery shop – his ipad. When a thief made away with his car, he …

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Padestrian Crossings : Eager Beavers

“Don’t  only look at the signal lights but look out for the crazy drivers too. Cross carefully” What do Zebras , Tigers and Toucans have in common ?  They all have pedestrian crossings named after them, and offcoures they all have impatient pedestrians and eager drivers, both trying to cross before the lights change. Pedestrians …

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