Automated pricing vs third part amazon repricer

If you sell on Amazon, you already know what a repricer is and how important it is to win the buy box .

Create a repricing rule, assign the SKUs and you have an automated assistant who will keep changing your SKUs price, below the competition till it hits your minimum or maximum price. has limited third party repricers at this time, but this week on you have the option of using Amazon Automated pricing tool.

So which one would you use ? We have been using a third party repricer for amazon since the very first day of launch and found third part repricers to be better than Amazon’s automated pricing tool for following reasons

1. FBA/FBM Rules Not available with Amazon tool

With the third party repricer you can have a rule created that applies only to a particular fulfillment method.  This is highly desirable, you always plan a higher drop in price to retain buy box if you are competing against and FBA seller. FBA has extra weight-age on buy box and its common to see an FBA seller owing the buy box, despite higher price.

Third part repricers will let you define a rule like “Drop by 1 point if competition is FBM, drop by 2 points if Competition if FBA” for example

2. Uploading bulk Rules

Currently there is no bulk upload option available with Amazon.  Manually entering thousands of SKUs Minimum and Maximum price is difficult in Amazon inteface.

Knowing Amazon, they will be tweaking their Automated Pricing tool, but till then its best to stick to the third party repricers.