eChoraix Ransomware on Qnap

So you have heard that eCh0raix ransomware is specifically targeting Qnap NAS, and breaks in with brute-force techniques.  Once it does so , it will encrypt all your files. ( Read more on Security Firm Anomali Website)

The question is how bad is it, and how vulnerable you are, or more importantly are there ways to mitigate the risk. The answer is an absolute yes.

1. Brute Force can only break weak passwords
Since the Ransomware uses Brute Force, it can not break long complex Passwords. Use a long and secure password.

2. 2 Factor Authentication can be used
use 2FA on Qnap. Its a built-in functionality and can be made use of free of cost. With this alone, the brute force threats are mitigated.

3. Antivirus Package IS available for Qnap ( Though it’s a paid Option)
Macafee Antivirus can be installed on Qnap from Qnap App store. Installing is as easy as a few clicks.

4. use Snapshots- Even if your data is encrypted, you will get your previous versions back.
Qnap has Snapshot technology that you should absolutely use. Since the ransomware attacks your files ( and not physical blocks ) on the hard drive, your snapshots are unaffected in the event of a ransomware attack too.

Keep your Qnap updated, use Snapshots and 2FA and you are secure not only from this Ransomware but from any other future threat too.