If you are a souq seller, start learning Amazon Seller Central Now

Amazon Seller Central (ASC)  is now live and the existing Souq sellers have access and are prompted to do so since souq selling center (SSC) will soon be deprecated.  How this works as on today is that there is an auto Sync – all the data from your SSC is Synced to ASC  periodically.

They Prompt you to use Amazon Seller Central now. Though the primary Data updating still happens from Souq Selling center.

This seems to be a one way Sync.  There is no copying happening from ASC to SSC . I tried updating some pricing on Amazon Seller Central but it was overwritten, so even though I am prompted to use the ASC, I continue to use SSC.

Some things have stopped working on SSC like the Lowest price exclamation that used to indicate a product being sold at a price lower than your offer doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Souq.com frontend seems to be the same, though it might be replaced with Amazon soon. Amazon business will definitely come to Middle East too as Amazon has been reaching out to a few potential sellers on Invitation only basis for now, but later they will open it to anyone.

Eventually its going to be Amazon so its better to start learning now. There are Google sheet integration available for Amazon which looks very interesting especially for small businesses like us who can periodically update the Data on a Single Google Sheet which would copy from and write to Amazon Account.

I am not a big fan of Souq Seller Central,  and keenly looking forward to the migration. Amazon’s ASC has to be worldclass and definitely better than SSC.  I am hoping to see lot of useful data present in ASC which we can use to analyze and increase sales. Finger Crossed !