Synology RT-2600 With Etisalat.

Synology RT-2600 Router is based on the Synology SRM OS. Like Synology NAS , this OS is what makes this router really unique.

I have had it for almost a month now and this is the best router I have ever had. What I specially like is the Parental Control , internet time Restriction based on Device  ( No internet on Daughters IPad after 9 )  , Traffic Control ( Guaranteed Bandwidth to Youtube on Smart TV) and reporting.  Offcourse there is a lot more than you can do with it , which I currently don’t since I already have a dedicated NAS to do all those things.

The toughest part of configuring the router though is getting your Etisalat Settings.  To get it working for you, you would need 3 things

  1. Your PPOE Username
  2. Your PPOE password
  3. Your VLan ID

Username and passwords are easy to retreive. Call Etisalat ( 101) from your landline and choose the ‘Reset your internet password” option. It would ask for your registered mobile phone number and SMS you your username and password. Easy

Now getting the VLAN id is difficult. I tried reaching the customer care, but it takes time. First they will  run some tests for you , then tell you according to them everything should be working fine, and then put you in a queue.

In my old Router too this setting is hidden behind the asterix. And without this, you won’t be able to connect. I spent a whole day on this and even suspected that probably Etisalat does some MAC binding so your router’s MAC address is bound ( realized this is not the case when the Cloned MAC didn’t work either).

For Me a VLAN id of 30 worked ( some people on a forum said they tried 27-30 ) . For you it may be different and you would have to get it from Etisalat Customer Service if this range doesn’t work for you.

Click on ISP Settings (IPTV and VoIP). Click on Enable IPTV, select Manual mode and Enter your VLAN ID in VID under Lan1 (internet only)

Here is where you would have to enter all this information.

Click on Internet, select PPPOE as the connection type and enter your username and password