Quick Books Scheduled Reports are useless with Multiusers

Quickbooks Added the Auto Scheduled Report feature 2017, which sounds great the first time. However there are so many rules for this to work. Though most of the conditions are ok, there is one which is a deal breaker – Your compnay file must be in single user mode.

So , if you want an automated report emailed to you, you must force all the users to close their quickbooks and turn the single user mode on before the report is scheduled to run . Some Automation that is !!!

Its easier to run the reports you need manually.  its impossible to get the comapny to single user mode each time.

If you don’t have the Quickbooks in Single user, you will get this dialogue box telling you ” Reports Didn’t Send We can’t send report from company file becuase two quickbooks Windows are open. To send your scheduled reports : close both Quickbooks windows, then click continue. ”

Screen Shot 01-14-17 at 07.06 AM

This condition makes it useless to use scheduled reports in a multi user environment.  Hope that in the next version ( if they do release a desktop version next year) they fix this.