Terminal Services on Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is an amazing device. Having used Thinkpad T430 for years, I consider myself as a power user with productivity at the first priority and Surface Pro has not disappointed me. It’s Not exactly as productive as T430 is, but this comes closest .

Now imagine my disappointment when I tried to use microsoft terminal services client (mstsc) with this device, only to see a huge desktop shrinked to fit a small screen with extremely small font size and small icons. In short, I saw a high DPI on a small screen.

Changing the resolution won’t help , it only gives you a smaller windows at the same DPI. The solution is to use the open source connection manager like mRemoteNG.

What mRemoteNG does it automatically adjusts DPI for you. The only problem is that you can’t “Pin it” to the taskbar. There may be other remote connection managers out there that may do the job, but I am sticking to the open source mRemoteNG