Virtual Appliance of Portia Webcrawler/Scraper

If you want a hassle free preinstalled copy of Portia Web Scraper, here is a Virtual box VHD that you can download and use.

Description Ubuntu 14.0 without GUI , Portia Installed
Size 1,722,368 KB ( 1.64GB)
Ubuntu Username/Passowrd portia /portiacrawler
 Download URL

To use the machine, create a Virtualbox Virtual Machine , and attach this VHD to the machine. Use Bridged mode network so you can access the guest machine from host using same network subnet.

Say goodbye to all the headaches involved in installing portia, just download VM, run and use. Hope many people will find this useful.


  1. Okay so how am I supposed to use this without GUI? I thought that was the whole point of portia.

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