Never forget where you parked you Car : Automatit for Android

How many times it happened to you that you parked your car and forgot the location in a shopping mall, or a large parking lot. With a smartphone equipped with GPS, you would think that this shouldn’t happen to you.

There are a tons of free apps like Find my car that can tag your parking location with the GPS cooridinates, but they do take a few clicks. Get down from the car, fire up the app and save location. Takes time and mostly you would forget.

How about an automatic location saver, that knows everytime you park your car , and saves your location automatically as soon as it knows you have parked your car ? I was able to acheive it using automatit.

There are several automation tools availale for Android , the most known ones being tasker ( paid) and Llama ( free). However I used a little known free tool called automatit.

Setup is simple, just tell automatic that “Everytime my phone disconnects from Car ( Trigger), Email my location to gmail ( Action)”.  I used gmail , becuase you will always have an email that you can open and click on the location to start navigation to your car right away.

Trigger – Bluetooth Device Disconnected ( your cars bluetooth)Action – Send Gamail with [CurrentTime] [LastGPSLocation] [LastNetworkLocation]

That’s it, everytime you park, automatic will send an email to you with your gps and network location. Beware, it works only where your GPS works. If your phone doesn’t find a GPS coordinate where you park, it would report the earlier found GPS location as you might have guessed.