Facebook Pages update notification : Hyper Alerts

If you have a company facebook page, then you know how critical it is to respond to user queries, comments or posts in time. To get the notifications in real time, you need to keep checking the facebook page that you manage frequently, which gets in the way of getting anything else done. 

There are 2 solutions to get instant alerts as soon as there is a change on a Facebook page.

1. IFTTT ( if this then that) : With IFTTT you can setup notifications for the pages that you own. You can define what triggers the notification, and choose the kind of notification you want. However this only works for the page you own.

2. Hyperalerts : Hyperalerts work even for a page that you don’t own. For pages that you don’t own, you can choose to get notification every 10 minutes. For pages you own, you can get a real time notification also.


I specially like hyperalerts becuase I can choose to monitor any page, without being the administrator for that page.  ( you may want to monitor your favorite brand page , or your competitors page for example).  Now you know that any post from your users won’t go unnoticed, and you can reply in time.