Evolution of Tablets

Don’t people just love their tablets . Last month there was story about a father who left his car running to get some groceries, leaving his son in the car. forunately he carried something far more valuable with him to the grocery shop – his ipad. When a thief made away with his car, he was able to track his car and son using ipad quickly.

The world seems to be obsessed with Tablets, specially if they belong to a particular brand.  Innovations after Innovations make previous generations obsolete so quickly that you can’t have something for more than 8 months, if you were to get all the latest features. 

I myself own everything latest- the smartphone, the smart tv, Network attached storage, drawing tablets, ipod touch, Google Nexus etc etc etc, but my favorite has been, and will be the Standard Old Laptop. I don’t understand all this talk about tablets replacing laptops.

Tablets are great but they are for Consuming content only – Watch pictures,watch movies, chat over skype, ip telephony, little browsing that’s what they are good for.
Laptops /Desktops are workhorses for content creation. When you need some serious work done, you are probably going to reach out for your laptop. They give you efficiency and can never be replaced by tablets. You can glorify tablets, I chose to love both laptops and tablets.  

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