Padestrian Crossings : Eager Beavers

Pedestrian and driver looking at each others signals , deciding based on what other party would do.

“Don’t  only look at the signal lights but look out for the crazy drivers too. Cross carefully”

What do Zebras , Tigers and Toucans have in common ?  They all have pedestrian crossings named after them, and offcoures they all have impatient pedestrians and eager drivers, both trying to cross before the lights change.

Pedestrians and Drivers are like 2 groups, competing to get to the other side before each other.

Pedestrians look at the traffic signal meant for drivers, and drivers keep an eye on pedestrian signal. I have seen drivers who will keep driving as long as the pedestrian signal is red, knowing the pedestrians are oblidged to stop ( these are the same drivers will honk as soon as the signal has turned green). Problem is when there is an eager pedestrian too involved who starts walking as soon as traffic signal for drivers is yellow, hoping that the drivers will stop.

The tug of war goes on….. I wish there was only this much to the pedestrian crossing but unfortunately horrible things happen. Cross very carefully next time, not only looking at the signal lights but look out for the crazy drivers too- the impatient angry sort.