Zoundry Raven : ‘None Type’ object has no attribute ‘tagName”

I had been using Zoundry Raven for blogging on Windows XP. However on Windows 7, Zoundry Raven gives an error ‘None Type’ object has no attribute ‘tagName”. I tried everything includeing running it on windows compatibility mode but it doesn’t work. Could not find any information on fixing it, though some chinese bloggers say this is related to IE latest versions.¬†

It’s Such a pity because Zoundry is simply the best blogging tool I have used. I tried many othres but didn’t like any

– Liver writer : Couldn’t connect to one blog that’s on a 8081 port. There is no option to specify port so probably that’s why it’s failing. Anyway you can only post with Live writer and not see those already published

Blog Desk : Again it can only Publish and doesn’t show what you have already on your Blog.

Chrysanth : Couldn’t configure again becuase of non-standard port probably.

ScribeFire is the only decent weblog client now , but it has very limited screen space, even when you have maximized it. I hope Zoundry Raven is listening and fixes this error.

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  1. Don’t use the Save feature. The issue seems to be with moving an item from draft to publish…?

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