Solution : Qnap TS-221 stuck at intial setup screen.

Problem : Initial Setup on Qnap TS-221 gets stuck at “uploading image and initializing disk”, after uploading the firmware image. Waiting for 1 hour didn’t get anywhere so this must be a bug with the QTS 4.0.

Solution : Manually Update the Firmware. QTS 4.0 is excellent and worth every extra bit of effort you put to install.

As soon as you connect a Qnap to machine to network, it gets an IP address and you can get access to shell through putty. This comes handy for all sorts of troubleshooting. Here is how to manually update it.

1. Upload the firmware image to any websever on the same network. Upload the .img file , if you have zip file extract it to get .img file. I uploaded the firmware to another qnap’s web folder. Later we will download this image to Qnap 221 using wget.

2. using putty, connect to your Qnap-221 and run the following command. First one creates a directory and other one creates a symbolic link to this directory.

mkdir /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update
ln -sf /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update /mnt/update

or refer

3. Change the directory to update directoy and download here (using wget) the image you had uploaded earlier.

cd /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update
busybox wget