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Replying to a whatsapp message on your phone can be very time consuming, especially if you have the touch screen phones without the physical keyboard. I always wished I could use my computer to send keystrokes to my phone.

Myphone Explorer does just the same and so much more. You can reply to SMS, Add and delete phonebook entries, transfer files manage call logs and send keystrokes to your phone and it works on Wireless, so no need to connect your phone with USB.

Whatever you type in MyphoneExplorer will show up on your mobile phone screen.


There is a client for the PC and a server for Phone. Your phone should be connected to the same wireless network that your pc is connected to and they pair up. You need to select the input method on your phone as MyPhoneExplorer Remote keyboard. Now everytime you select an input field, the dialog box pops up on your computers asking you to feed the input.

Now at my workplace, I always keep my phone connected to PC. Replying to SMS or Whatsapp is a cinch now. no more spelling mistakes, no more spending time on the touchscreen trying to cut long sentences into smaller ones. Productivity is up 100% as I can type very fast using my pc keyboard.

2 thoughts on “Whats App Desktop”

  1. if you use android then you can use keyboard app like touchpal, swipe to write msg. just slide to write msg. my favorite is touchpal. check out their video on youtube to know how good is this then myphoneexplorer. you dont have to connect to anything to use this awesome app.

    1. Yes, the swype is nothing new, samsung phone had it for a long time, but even with swype the typing speed is not anywhere close to a physical keyboard. I get upto 40 wpm, which I can only dream of on swype.

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