Qnap Firmware OS QTS 4.0

One of the things that sets Qnap apart from other Nas systems is the Operating system/firmware.  The system is powerful enough for geeks to configure ( and install new apps through QPKG system), and yet simple enough for non technical users.  It’s this rich firmware that makes many people prefer Qnap over many other vendors.  They don’t discriminate on the product specifications, which means you get the same OS whichever model you buy.

Offlate qnap has been investing a lot on making it easier for the non technical users to configure, access and use their Qnap devices. During Gitex 2012, Qnap stand displayed some features of QTS 4.0 , the  completely revamped interface, much like a conventional desktop.

You will be able to drag and drop icons to it and there are a host of new features. I am sure End users are going to find it a lot more pleasurable to work with.

No news on when Qnap would release it to public, but my guess is they may do so during Christmas time to boost sales even further during festive season.

I for one, anxiously wait to try this new operating system.

QTS 4.0
QTS 4.0 – The new firmware that may be coming out soon.