Gems Learning Gateway (GLG) : Checking Circulars and Announcements

This information is very old and obsolete. Gems uses a different Portal now and all the links on this article are either non functional or will be non fucntional soon. Click here to access the new post detailin the use of new portal

If you are confused on how to check the circulars and notifications on Gems learning Gateway AKA GLG, here is a small guide  I have written as a parent, hoping it would help other parents whose kid go to Gems School.

In GLG, there are 2 kinds of notifications – Circulars and Announcements which further  can be grade specific or School common. That makes it total 4 notifications that must be checked

  1. Grade Circulars that tell you about the happenings in your Kids Grade
  2. Grade Announcements that tell you about the general happenings like Birthday celebrations.
  3. School Circulars are common to whole school
  4. School Announcements are again announcements common to whole school

I will show you how to check these 4.

The Landing page of GLG once you login looks like this. It takes you to a personalize “My Home” page. It has links like “My Collegues”, ” My Music”, surveys etc which I think are for higher classes. I never found anything under these links

I generally always click School here.   The school screen takes you to School specific circulars and class updates.   Click on School and look at the School Announcements.






Scroll down further and you will see Parent Circulars too.  Go though these as well.

These Announcements and Circulars are Common to all. Now you need to check the Circulars and Announcements specific to your kids Grade

Scroll up the page and click on Classe updates .  Once you do that you will see a list of Grade from KG1 to 5th.  Sometimes Nothing is clickable but “After school activity”. if that happens, just hover over “After School Activity” and that creates links for others too.


Clicking on the Grade of your kid, you will see the resource bank, below which you have the Class announcements.  Go through these.

Scroll down further and you will see the circulars too.

13 thoughts on “Gems Learning Gateway (GLG) : Checking Circulars and Announcements”

  1. Hey!
    Im a student & for the past 3 days the glg site takes time to load and then finally it says the website cannot be displayed.
    please help!

    1. Hello Rayenne, Yes the site seems to be down. First few days I noticed that the login button was not clickable and then the server was not reachable. The school has to fix it.

  2. The article was really informative. I had a lot of cofusion in checking the circular. I was able to check the same in the exact way you have explained. Thank you for your effort.

  3. Hi,
    The information is very helpful.However could you please update it with the correct webpage address of GLG page.I am so confused about getting the correct web page and log in it..Please help me.

    Best regards

  4. Sorry, my previous post was incomplete…Regret any inconvenience.

    In the Resource Bank page, when I click on Subject, it shows “Loading…..” and the documents don’t load at all. How can I fix this ?

    Thank you.

  5. I am studen of grade 10 and Since the past 2 month its very difficult open up the attached in glg. can someone do something about it.
    all our teacher have put up the portions and paper for practice on glg and i can’t open a single attachement.


  6. Hi.sir my two childs are in gr 3 and 4.their teacher are given homeworksheets but the page its not opening if its opening but no work sheets are seen y plz help me im too much worried about my childs homework.their ids r.ali.h1_ood and other is bilal.h_ood

    1. Hello, this is a very old article. Gems has now changed the online portal. I will post the new links soon. But they don’t give any homework on this portal. All you find on the portal are Weekly updates which the teacher will anyway email you.

      Homeworks are sometimes given on mcgraw hill. Ask the teacher for Mcgraw hill login details.

  7. Hi….iam mother of an 8th grade student.iam trying to find the email ids of sone of the teachers who teach him.where can i find the same in the learning gateway

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