Email Photo from SGSIII : Resizing and Shrinking

Samsung Galaxy SIII gives you many options to share your photos from the picture gallary , but one feature that’s missing is resizing the pictures before you email them unlike blackberries or Iphones.  I don’t know about you but I don’t need to email a 2.3 MB picture that would take 8 minutes to upload and 5 minutes to download.

The solution is a small app called PhotoShare that lets you shrink the size of the picture before you email it.

Offcourse it still takes more clicks that it would take you on a blackberry or iphone, but it does the job. You select the image you want to share in PhotoShare and then shrink it in size.  While doing so, you are not shrinking your original image, but a copy of the image is created temporarily. You can email that small sized image and it’s automatically deleted.

Great app, but I can’t see why Samsung Never gave this capability to SIII.