GnuCash Column Resizing for Windows

I use GNUcash for managing my personal finances and it’s a excellent program. The only inconvenience is the column resizing that doesn’t let you reduce the Description column.

It happend to me last week that a column was shrunk and there was no way I could resize it by shrinking the description column. All the screen space was taken up by the description and other coluns were not showing visibily.

Finally I found the solution in a file called %gconf.xml that resides in “C:\Documents and Settings\user\.gconf\apps\gnucash\window\pages\register”.
For you it may be in C:\Documents and Settings \ Administration or somewhere else, but you can always search for this file using file finder.

You can resize the credit, debit, balance , date columns etc by giving them a value.

My configuration file shows

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<entry name=”reg-run-balance_width” mtime=”1344926257″ type=”int” value=”81″>
<entry name=”credit_width” mtime=”1347433532″ type=”int” value=”120″>
<entry name=”debit_width” mtime=”1347433532″ type=”int” value=”120″>
<entry name=”transfer_width” mtime=”1347433532″ type=”int” value=”262″>
<entry name=”balance_width” mtime=”1347433532″ type=”int” value=”120″>
<entry name=”reconcile_width” mtime=”1347433532″ type=”int” value=”18″>
<entry name=”num_width” mtime=”1347433532″ type=”int” value=”50″>
<entry name=”date_width” mtime=”1347433532″ type=”int” value=”80″>

Description column takes any space that’s left after allocating to columns you have specified in your Gconf.