How much space does a 3 years old occupy : Lesson learn in Parenting

This is to all the parents. What My daughter taught me in parenting. Comment if you agree.

  • A kid’s body has the tenancy to align it’s body with the position that’s most uncomfortable to it’s parents.  It’s designed to be small but to occupy all the space on the bed and the whole comforter /Blanket.
  • You can start eating a lot of things you never did , just to set an example in front of your kid. Kids have some sort of super sense that tells them not not to eat it unless they want to set an example in front of their kids, if will be another 30 years.
  • Kids get thirsty as soon as you have switched off the lights and retired to bed. Asking before coming to bed doesn’t work. Same goes for nature’s call.
  • You complaint that your parents love your kids more than they love or ever loved you.
  • You complaint that your spouse loves your kids more than they love or ever loved you.
  • You realize that you really aren’t smarter than a fifth grader.
  • You think they look like you, they act like you. Somehow you are proud of it too. Specially when someone says so.
  • You swear that you will spend “Quality time” with them, but that Quality time never lasts longer than a few minutes before either of you start to cry and complaint.
  • You spouse thinks you can be a much better parent if you tried.
  • You put a “Baby on Board” on your Car and Flaunt  it.
  • You stop at every toy shop you see when you are alone. You try  not to stop when you are with Junior.

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