Taste Bud is a Taste Bud is a Taste bud…..

It’s surprising to see how a small translation error can persist for centuries. Different sections of tongue, designed for tasting different tastes of food is one of such errors.  Last time I came across a text book of 6th Grader in India that showed such distinct regions , each meant for a different taste.

The truth is that each single taste bud is capable of tasting all kinds of tastes there are.

The latest incident was in Children’s city,Creek Park. It’s such a wonderful place, filled with various exhibits on Anatomy, Pressure/Area, Electromagnetism, Surface Tension and astronomy. My daughter was so fascinated that we ended up spending 5 hours, would have spend more if they weren’t closing up.

So we come across this huge model of mouth, showing all teeth and the tongue. All well with that, but there they are. 4 sections – each marked as responsible for tasting a single taste.

I hope someone notices and corrects it.

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