Samsung SIII pairing with Parrot CK-3100 Bluetooth on Android Ice Cream Sandwitch

Parrot CK-3100 hands free has become a long standing companion for me and I can’t drive without one.  Last week as I upgraded from iphone4 to SIII on Ice Cream Sandwitch, parrot refused to connect.

No matter how many times I tried, I kept getting the “connection failed ” message.

There were numerous forums that talked about ICS Bluetooth radio problem but none had any solutions.  Finally I realized it must be the newer kind of bluetooth standards and probably a firmware upgrade would do the job.

Parrot has a utility for doing just that. Download that to your PC, choose your car kit model and it lets you download the firmware.  After this you pair your PC with parrot and finish the firmware upgrade.

This time it worked. Immediately after firmware upgraded I was able to connect. Though you will lose all your contacts you had on parrot, that shouldn’t be a problem because it will resync.