Gems Education GLG (Gems School, UAE learning gateway) Navigation for

Well if you are thinking what is GLG, you can skip this blog.

it’s the LMS website of Gems Education group , UAE.  Yesterday after spending 1 hour, clicking through every link to find the assignment and progress report, i decided to write where I found it someplace safe and document it for other parents.

For some strange reason, they have made the interface very confusing, and there is no logical dashboard when you login.

The information I was looking for ( that you should see regularly like notifications, circulars and daily assignments) was hidden behind 5 clicks.

1.  Go to and login

2. Don’t get lost with all the menu here. There is a very small link on the top right side, called “My Site” Click on it
3. Now Click on School
4. Again lots of tabs here. Look for a tab called Community site
5. Now click on the corresponding class that your kid is in.

So the information that should have been available on the main page is 5 links deep, all full of confusing menus.

Hope it saves you a lot of time and frustration.