Quick fix Vulnerability in Word press

Though everyone knows¬† it’s important to keep updating your scripts, look for and fix vulnerability and be security conscious, one hardly does any of these till the calamity strikes.

I noticed today that google won’t let me access my website. It was a listed attack site.¬† Without being too technical, it meant that someone had been able to inject some malicious code into a vulnerable script.

Generally these kind of things are hard to fix, more so for people like me who have no programing skills to look for the vulnerabilities, but guess what.

There are some good people who created Anti Malware plugin for wordpress that works like charm. Just like an antivirus, hit scan, let it show you the problem and click fix button.

It even lets you undo what you did, if fixing the script breaks your site. And did I mention that they are giving it out for free. Offcourse, you should donate, if you like their plugin.