Gettting Magnet torrent Links to work on Qnap

Update : 7th July 2012 : With the new firmware upgrade the download manager supports Magnet links. There is no need for any third party downloaders.


If you want to download ( legal) torrents on your Qnap but are put off by lack of magnetic link support, here is news. There are  2 very easy and fast ways to do this. There is  very quick workaround to convert your magnet torrent link to a regular .torrent file using your favorite bit torrent client.  And the other option is to install transmission using QPKG center and let it handle your magnetic link.

Both the options are simple click and install, there is no complicated scripting involved.

A Quick Workaround : to get the torrent file for magnetic link, which you can feed to your Qnap download station.

This is the easiest workaround.
1. Install your favorite torrent client ( mine is mutorrent) on your PC
2. Click on the magnet link
3. let the magnet link open with your torrent client
4. Let it start downloading and Pause
5. Go to the application directory of your torrent client and find the .torrent file there.
6. Feed this file as you would have to your download station.

Quick install transmission using QPKG and start downloading

Qnap has a QPKG for transmission which is very easy to install.

1. Login to your Qnap
2. Click on Application Server > QPKG Center
3. Click on Available Tab.
4. Click on Transmission and click install. Alternatively you can download the IPKG from and install using QPKG center.
5. Once it’s installed, you will see a link to Transmission on installed tab.
6. Click on Transmission icon. It will take you to the Admin Center.  The user name and password is the same as your QNAP user name and password .

7. Click on the webinterface link

Transmission Admin Panel
Transmission Admin Panel

8. Here your user name and password are admin/admin. Click on add/upload torrent and paste your magnetic link here. ( You can get your magnetic link by right clicking on the link and selecting copy link location)

Transmission webinterface
Click on Add and paste your torrent magnetic link here

8. It starts downloading .

Wasn’t it Super easy ?

Update : Thanks to the admins of, here is a website that can convert your magnet Link to a torrent file.
How it works is that you visit , enter your magnet link and let it convert it to a .torrent file. It takes a couple of seconds before it converts the file, ready to be downloaded, but it’s very easy to use. If you want a quick conversion, this might just work.

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  1. Hi Akash. There is another solution that maybe you do not know about. This is a web based service that will convert a magnet link into a torrent file and it’s called

    Please give it a try as it may be faster than coverting with a home client and maybe if it works for you OK then you can update the post and add it as a 3rd option.

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