Auto Upload Photos from iphone to Qnap/FTP Server

Having configured my Qnap Turbo Nas last week, I was looking for a way to upload pictures directly from my Iphone to Qnap. Doing it through FTP sounded like the best option.

All I needed was an Iphone app for FTP uploads. Now there are quite a few apps for iphone, but I was looking for something that would be

1. Free
2. Allow for multiple files upload, and not having to select 1 file at a time.
3. able to detect new files and prompt for upload.

After checking several apps, I zeroed in on MediaTransfer. This is a great app and has all the functions I need.

1. Download Media Transfer using your App Browser

2. Tap the icon to run the program To access settings, swipe your finger up the screen.

3. Give your FTP server address , user name and password. I Kept the passive transfer On.

Voila ! That’s it . next time you open the program, it will scan all your new media and upload it to your Ftp server.

5 thoughts on “Auto Upload Photos from iphone to Qnap/FTP Server”

    1. Yes, Qphone is a good application for viewing the photos on your iphone, but the upload function sucks. It doesn’t detect automatically the new media in your photoroll and multiple file uploading is a pain.

      But for viewing your media files, it’s a great app.

    1. I just checked it and you are right, it’s a paid app now :-(. I still use it because I downloaded it when it used to be free.

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