Annonymous Browsing with VPNtraffic

Last week I needed a proxy server to check the installation of my Livezilla client. Essentially I needed a bunch of different IP addresses to see how the Geotracking would work.

After going through several so called free Proxy servers, I stumbled upon vpntraffic . For US$ 1.99 these guys would let me try their service for 3 days. Not Bad, All I wanted was the access for 3-4 days.

Surprisingly enough, the service is very fast, not something I would expect for US$ 5 per month. I could access and watch all the high resolution videos without any loss in bandwidth.

Skype Video calls also worked wonders, almost as if I was connected directly to Skype server and not through VPN. When I visited my website and tried to Geotrack my ip address through livezilla, I did see the information I wanted to see.

Since I had 3 days, I decided to take it a little further by trying to configure my Iphone. They have a guide online on how to do this. Within no time, my Iphone was connected and I could browse anonymously.

It’s a great product at a great price.
Pros :

  • It’s only US$ 5 per month. Imagine all the videos  you can watch on Hulu. com with this.
  • Service is very fast. Once you are connected, you won’t know you are on a VPN
  • Unline proxy services, it’s very reliable
  • works on Iphone, android, ipads …..

Cons :

  • Even if the service is very affordable, you need to pay 🙂
  • VPN setup may be a little difficult for a few non-technical users.

Overall, I would suggest vpntraffic to anyone who is looking for a reliable and fast VPN service at an affordable price.