ios5 sucks too !

Afer spending 4 hours of Friday morning on this, my Iphone 4 has now ios5 ! But it’s hardly any different apart from icloud !

No camera access from lock screen ( as they promised) & no quick wifi toggle ( it 4-5 clicks to toggle wifi or bluetooth).  So I guess, I still need SBS, off to jailbreaking.  How can so many people like this thing !

2 thoughts on “ios5 sucks too !”

  1. F**K ios5, it’s absolute garbage! I used to LOVE itunes and the old Apple ios4 for the shere fact at how easy it was. It’s either itunes 10.5 or ios5, one of them. I have had to make my playlist twice because it failed to sync properly with my ipod. Failed to transfer music perfectly thus resulting it skipping over songs.
    DO NOT UPDATE your ipod yet. WAIT till all the bugs are fixed. -.-

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