From Blackberry to Iphone

Yesterday I switched from Blackberry to Iphone. It’s been only 2 days, but I have started to miss the email functionality of BB already. Off course I love iphone too, but BB is far ahead in emails compared to Iphone. In every other aspect however Iphone is better.

What I miss In Iphone.

Delete Prior
In Blackberry I had the option of selecting a date a click on ” delete message prior to this date “. Iphone doesn’t have this option and it’s a pain to delete 100 emails at once for example.

Individual Mailboxes
In Iphone, all your emails are at one place. it takes lots of extra clicks to get to a particular email account. Also there is no way to tell which account got the new unread email.  I love the way Blackberry gives you separate mailbox icons and the red asterix, indicating a new email.

Blinking flashlight
Blackberries have an LED that flashes red if you have new messages or missed calls. No such thing with Iphone.

No BBM !
The feature I miss most is the BBM. There are other cross platform apps, but you must get your friends to install them.

Push Mail Service
Yahoo and Gmail support Push, but your hosting may not support it. For exmple, bluehost doesn’t support push mail. So my official¬† email is set to fetch new email every 15 minutes. Nothing like instant arrival you have in Blackberry ( Unless your mail server pushes email to Iphone)

Apart from that I miss the keyboard and phone keys too, but I was ready for those.

Now to the good part. here are the things I love in my Iphone, that Blackberry didn’t have.

1. Emails look the way they are supposed to look.
Email formatting is so good, it’s same as reading off your desktop.

2. Large high res Screen
The screen is really large and resolution is good.

3. Browser works. Fast !
Unlike Blackberry the browser is fast and page formatting is good.

4. So Many Apps to choose from

5. A great camera and HD recording.

It’s doesn’t surprise me that Blacberry has such a strong fan following. BBs have perfected the email functions. For everything else, you have the Iphone.

2 thoughts on “From Blackberry to Iphone”

  1. IOS 5 could be a solution for you, as therz all new setting for “Notification center”
    few features that you would like:-

    1. LED Flash for incoming calls and notifications for better accessibility
    2. New notification alerts within mail app if you forgot to write a subject line (Similar to Gmail!)
    3. Drag-able email addresses: Drag, arrange email addresses in To, CC, BCC fields
    4. Multiple Mark Read: Can now select & mark multiple emails as read.
    5. Folders for Mail: Yes. Possible for any allowed mail account including new Hotmail.

    There are 200+ new features u may check all here

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