Email Expiry for Thunderbird

Won’t it be good to have an expiry date button/ Category associated with each email that you send/receive. Before archiving, you could categorize an email as “Archive for ever” or short expiry “Expires in 7 Days”.

Imagine how many less emails will you have to browse through, with such a system. Off course the system will not delete any of your emails automatically , but present  you with a list of expired emails which you can delete yourself, or hide/inactivate.

An average office user receives about 55-60 emails a day.  counting replies, we are talking of more than 100 email communications a day. Typically not more than 15% of these emails have any data that will be used in future again.

It will be good to have all your non important emails that have no historical relevant data be purged or be hidden automatically.

Anyone working on such a plugin for Thunderbird yet ?

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  2. First off, I removed your email id from appearing publicly. Something that would only get you loads of spam.

    Now to answer your question it’s difficult to find a co-relation between eating habits and individual intellect. In Indian Context, Jains are considered as the most Educated community ( Though most Educated need not equate to most intelligent), but I don’t think it’s because of vegetarianism.

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    Best of luck with your studies. Hope you have a lot of material to mull over now.

  3. I am also searching for a plug-in for Thunderbird to set an expiration date on emails. This already exists on Outlook using Expiration dates and AutoArchive.

    Please let me know if you find any solutions for Gmail or Thunderbird. I do not use Outlook.

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