Fraud Calls

It has happened to me 5th time this year.  however this time I ended up complaining to Etisalat.

” Sir, you speaking English ?”

“Yes, go ahead”

“I giving to Mr Ahmed, my supervisor. Hold aan “

The voice always seems to resemble to a  particular nationality.  I can’t definitely say, but I know it will definitely hurt many sentiments, so I prefer not to talk on the nationality of these scam artists.

I decided to go on with the prank and wait for Mr Supervisor to come online.

” Sir, I am Mr Ahmed, Supervisaar -Etisalat. “

” Ok, what is it Ahmed”.

” You newly coming Dubai now. You win from Etisalat 2 Lakh Dirhams. You must very happy no ? I aaalso very happy for you.”

I always disconnect the phone call at this juncture, though it’s very tempting to say –

“You can keep aaaall the money. A tip no. “

I have the last 2 number saved in my phone, if you have any more, please leave them in comments. Hopefully it should keep some innocent migrant from getting duped.

Number 1 : 050 8876023
Number 2 : 050 4754652