Joomla Offline Client ?

I don’t know if this is simply dumb to ask for it, but I think it’s a great idea to have an offline client for Joomla. I don’t know if anyone else also has felt it cumbersome to go online, login to Joomla admin and then start writing a long article that would take 2-3 sittings and you will keep saving draft copies.

I am a huge fan of Joomla otherwise, but I hate using the web-interface as much as I hate using webmail. The same advantage that the email clients give us, can be offered by Joomla offline client.

I know it won’t be able to give you a real time website layout update, but at least you can have access to all your articles and keep changing them.

An alternative that I often use is to use the Localhost Joomla installation with Online Live Sql settings but it sometimes breaks.

Do we have anyone working on such a project anywhere ? or a similar product yet ?