Humor : Mind Conditioning

I wonder if anyone has ever thought of fooling the mind into a desired emotional state by using the senses of sight, sound and smell. Won’t it be wonderful if you could evoke an emotion just by sniffing a scent that you have fooled your brain into associating with happiness ( much like AXE effect, but for real).

All of us learnt about the pavlov’s experiment in which the lab dogs learnt to associate the sound of a bell with food and they would start to drool at the sound of the bell.

As successful association will make the use of anti-depressants obsolete. The kids from the childhood can be trained to associate a Color, smell and sound with an emotion. Scolding associated with Red, Burning Rubber, sound of slap. Happiness associated with Blue , Lemon smell, Beatles. Soon the young brain will associate these with an emotion.

Next time this old wood feels depressed, just flash the color of his happiness in front of him and see his grim face turn into a happy teethless smile. Why, we could even cure Erectile Dysfunction with this, if love making can be associated with a color.

If that happens, the statement in the court will be ” I was provoked, she was singing Chanchal’s Bhajan. You know my wife had me associate this Bhajan with love making and I couldn’t help…”.

Now if you have come this far reading, I am sure you have started to associate it with being funny. So next time you hear my name, I won’t be offended if you start to giggle….