Parking Perils & Meter Menace

I am sure it has happened to all of us.  You spot that excellent parking space, gleefully park your vehicle and get down looking for change to feed the parking meter. Off course there are others who would rather pay 30 fils extra and pay through SMS.

Then the menace starts. The parking meter woefully robs you of your cheers by returning your coins. No matter how many times you try, the coin just doesn’t seem good enough to the meter.

Yesterday I spent 10 minutes trying to feed the same 2 coins to the meter.  ( Yes, I had all the time in the world, think of it as man against machine)

Finally, the solution : If your coins don’t work put them back to back quickly. One will be returned but the one that follows is accepted. I guess  when you do it quickly the combined weight of the coins works for you.

Problem Solved.  Bless me next time you park your car if it works for you. Better yet, leave a comment 🙂