Humor : Communication Skills

Today People of all kinds are yapping about communication. Management rookies incessantly debate the best ways of improving it, management gurus making all sort of pseudo intelligent theories they can cook with complex words and colorful charts.

Any fresh management rookie out of college will tell you the reason people don’t communicate is because of lack of skill, time or willingness. My theory is that miscommunication is a part of our destiny. It’s hard wired into our brains. Expecting a person to communicate is like beating a dead cow – you will get tired and the cow won’t feel a thing. Or something of that sort………

You can hold your applaud till I prove my theory. After that you can kneel and call me a genius.

Consider this – People are broadly classifieds in 2 categories. As Someone Important (SI) or not very important( NVI). Excuse me for not including the other categories like AHs (I bet you know the acronym), sweet AH, AH AH, Top AH, Wortless AH, Soaring AH….

Now imagine you have an urge to communicate to someone. Your brain quickly categorizes the person as either someone important or not very important.

If the person is not very important- You don’t want to waste your time communicating to the worthless maggot, do you ? No sense in writing more than 2 lines in my blog about such a worthless fellow. Full stop.

You would ask what if I get this urge to communicate to an important person ? I ask you Why would you do that ? If he is really more important than you, then he must have received this information before you. If he didn’t, it would imply that he is not very important. Read the paragraph above on why you shouldn’t waste your time on him.

So no matter how hard you try, you will end up classifying people and keep from communicating. Point proved.

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