Scammers Lurk on Dubai Streets

A list of Scams I have come across on Dubai’s streets.  Some are so common that I am sure people don’t fall prey to them. Others may not be heard of.

1. Italian fellow giving away Branded apparel for cheap.

When I was pulling out of packing lot ( Near Jumbo , Shoemart Bur Dubai) ,a European fellow approached me and asked me the way to the airport. We Got talking and he said that he was in Dubai for a fashion Show and doesn’t want to carry all the excellent branded stuff he had back to Milan. Offered what I suspect were fake branded Glasses and Suits.

2. Arab Selling Rado watch.

This happened in the Parking lot again in Bur Dubai near Palm beach hotel. An Arab approached me saying that he was from Saudi and he had spent all his money ( on things I can’t write about- let’s call it the attraction of Dubai). Offered his Original Rado ( which must have been an imitation ) for AED 250. I told him I had only AED 100. Surprisingly he agreed to take what I had.

Well, I fell for this one. It ran good for a year, though I never wore it.

3. People Pretending to be stranded in Dubai.

They meet you on the street, tell you that they have lost their job, and not eaten for 2 days. Ask for Money.
Another variant is 2 guys in a car with tinted rear windows. They tell you they are from Oman or Saudi, lost their wallet and don’t have even the petrol to go back. They say there are kids in the car ( you can’t see because it’s tinted) and they have not eaten anything the whole day

Have you come across anything of this sort in Dubai ?

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  1. My husband and I live in International City and we were approached earlier this evening by 2 men in a 4×4 with tinted windows saying they were fromSaudi and they needed money. I immediately remembered that I had heard about this scam last year and told my husband so my husband said he would not give them money and we left. The rear number plate was an A4 page that had arabic printing on and it was covered with transparent plastic.

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