Prestashop 1.7 Displaying 1 product in 2 categories

Problem : You have a product in 2 categories. However it only shows in the menu of the default category

Example : you have a Product called ‘ACME Face Mask’ with default category of ‘medical supplies’. It also belongs to ‘personal gear’ category. It only shows in Manu ‘Medical Supplies’

Resolution : Go to Modules > Faceted Search and disable the option ” Show products only from default category”

Google Sheets Large Numbers without Scientific Notion

Problem : Everytime you Type a large number in google sheets it starts to show in scientific notion like 1.23E+26.

Solution : Click on format as Number bar and select 0. Nothing else works.

Free Bulk Whatsapp Sender for windows (FBWS)

Here is a free, fully functioning Bulk Whatsapp sender , which can send a message to multiple recipients one by one weather they have you in their address book or not ( you should have them in your address book though, which is easy to achieve ) .

To distinguish it from several other commercial paid versions, I am calling it FBWS.

Remember this should not be used for Spamming. If you send too many annoying messages to people you don’t know, and enough people report you as spammers, whatsapp will block your number anyway.

This script is written in python and uses Selenium webdriver to open an instance of chrome and then use to send messages one by one. Since the messages are sent one by one, it takes long time .

How to use Free Whatsapp Bulk Sender (FBWS)

FBWS opens a chrome window and then uses to send the messages. it mimics the keystrokes a user would use to send the message- just that its automated.

  1. Under usercontent directory you will find 2 files . message.txt and contacts.csv . Fill message.txt with the text message you want to send. contacts.csv will have to be filled with the contact numbers you want to send the message to. One contact per line
  2. under wa directory you will have to find wa.exe and run this file. A command prompt opens with instructions on how to use and a chrome window open when you press any key to continue.
  3. Login with your whatsapp number in the new chrome window that has opened. it will automatically detect once the whatsapp interface has loaded and will send the messages one by one.
  4. under logs directory you will have many log files generated, one for each session. Log only contains the number and the messages sent.

Requirements to Run Free Whatsapp bulk sender (FBSW)

  1. You should have chrome installed in your system
  2. You should be running windows os
  3. You should be able to edit csv file ( with excel mostly), and a message. txt file.
  4. Your recipients should be in your address book. If a number you want to send message to is not in your address book, they can’t be sent message to.

DOWNLOAD HERE Automated pricing vs third part amazon repricer

If you sell on Amazon, you already know what a repricer is and how important it is to win the buy box .

Create a repricing rule, assign the SKUs and you have an automated assistant who will keep changing your SKUs price, below the competition till it hits your minimum or maximum price. has limited third party repricers at this time, but this week on you have the option of using Amazon Automated pricing tool.

So which one would you use ? We have been using a third party repricer for amazon since the very first day of launch and found third part repricers to be better than Amazon’s automated pricing tool for following reasons

1. FBA/FBM Rules Not available with Amazon tool

With the third party repricer you can have a rule created that applies only to a particular fulfillment method.  This is highly desirable, you always plan a higher drop in price to retain buy box if you are competing against and FBA seller. FBA has extra weight-age on buy box and its common to see an FBA seller owing the buy box, despite higher price.

Third part repricers will let you define a rule like “Drop by 1 point if competition is FBM, drop by 2 points if Competition if FBA” for example

2. Uploading bulk Rules

Currently there is no bulk upload option available with Amazon.  Manually entering thousands of SKUs Minimum and Maximum price is difficult in Amazon inteface.

Knowing Amazon, they will be tweaking their Automated Pricing tool, but till then its best to stick to the third party repricers.



eChoraix Ransomware on Qnap

So you have heard that eCh0raix ransomware is specifically targeting Qnap NAS, and breaks in with brute-force techniques.  Once it does so , it will encrypt all your files. ( Read more on Security Firm Anomali Website)

The question is how bad is it, and how vulnerable you are, or more importantly are there ways to mitigate the risk. The answer is an absolute yes.

1. Brute Force can only break weak passwords
Since the Ransomware uses Brute Force, it can not break long complex Passwords. Use a long and secure password.

2. 2 Factor Authentication can be used
use 2FA on Qnap. Its a built-in functionality and can be made use of free of cost. With this alone, the brute force threats are mitigated.

3. Antivirus Package IS available for Qnap ( Though it’s a paid Option)
Macafee Antivirus can be installed on Qnap from Qnap App store. Installing is as easy as a few clicks.

4. use Snapshots- Even if your data is encrypted, you will get your previous versions back.
Qnap has Snapshot technology that you should absolutely use. Since the ransomware attacks your files ( and not physical blocks ) on the hard drive, your snapshots are unaffected in the event of a ransomware attack too.

Keep your Qnap updated, use Snapshots and 2FA and you are secure not only from this Ransomware but from any other future threat too.